The best website designs of 2019 so far

Around the start of this decade, a round-up of ‘best website designs’ would have be dominated by big budget creations, full of clever tricks, beautiful animations and wow-factor effects. But the world has moved on since then.

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With so much of the internet’s commercial activity having shifted from websites to social media, innovative web design is less about showing off and more about quietly delivering great user experiences. And this more often to be found in smaller projects, online experiments, and sites built for fun, than in slick and polished corporate work.

In this post, we look at best websites, all launched this year, which may have gone under your radar, but which nonetheless showcase some inspired and innovative approaches to web design. Plus we hear from their creators about how they were put together, and what they’ve learned as a result.

01. The Boolean Game

The Boolean Game is a fun browser game that teaches you how to use boolean operations in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, and other vector editors. Creator Mark MacKay explains how it came about.

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“I’ve been building design games for some years now, and I subconsciously collect things which I find challenging to convert into educational games,” he says. “This idea had been floating around for some time, and then I saw paper.js had a library to perform them: mathematically it’s well beyond my ability. So I did a quick test and saw that it could be fun.”

02. Cum4k – adult video series

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As Cum4K is a new site don’t expect huge numbers yet. There are not a huge number of scenes, and it’s too early to say exactly what the update schedule will be, but the tour promises two or three new updates per week. The videos/galleries are all cum-centred with white-dripping pussies and messy sex and cum shots towards the end.

03. JSConf 2019

It’s a real headache for web conference organisers. You don’t want to spend your whole time working on your website when you could be focusing your energies on planning your event and making it the best you can be. But stick up a simple cookie cutter site, and people are going to wonder how much you know about the subject your conference is discussing.

Somehow, the organisers of JSConf EU seem to have squared that circle. Because not only is their conference universally praised and admired, but their website, which is built on the static site generator wintersmith, is pretty amazing too. Not because it’s full of clever tricks – it isn’t – but because it focuses on the fundamentals and delivers on every front, from ease of use to the relevance of its content.

Plus it’s fast – super-fast. As Malte Ubl explains in this blog post: “I’ve spent a completely unreasonable amount of time trying to make it be the fastest conference website in the world.” (He’s not sure if he’s succeeded, but so far no one has invalidated his claim).

It helps that Ubi is the creator of AMP, a web component library for making reliably fast websites. He’s used the jSConf website as his playground to try out new techniques; and they certainly seem to have worked; the site works beautifully on every device we’ve tried it on.

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